WARNING! Don't Even Think About Buying ​Boring "Samey" New Shades Until You Read This!

3 Surprising Ways How This ​Exclusive Eyewear ​Can Change Your Life And Mindset In Just One Summer​!

  • Do you L​ove ​quality sunglasses?  You don't really care about the brand, but would like to have something special. Something different? Something that fits YOU.  Who YOU are?

    Are ​you Tired ​of the uninspired, mass produced, cookie cutter, ​so called A-Brands out there? ​Would you prefer to make a conscious statement by wearing something different​?

  • Do You DeeplyValue  a brand with a good story? And a Story that you can support?

Beingbar® is a Unique Brand, with Unique Products, and an even BETTER STORY.

Read How They Can Make a Difference for you!

Beingbar​® is a sunglasses brand unlike others. Not just ​their product designs are different. ​They ​use natural materials when they can. And ​they don't craft ​their products ​in mass production facilities. ​Their products are personal

And that's not it. Read all about how ​they're on a mission to ​NOT ONLY craft THE BEST Fashion Accessories and Eyewear, but to impact your life a​nd ​your world at the same time. Piece by piece.

​Their ​message to the world is to approach life differently.

​If you want to read what is so special about ​Beingbar®, ​their products and ​message, just read on. After reading this you will know everything about ​this ​"different" brand. ​Because Different is what ​they ​are!

​Read all about the Beingbar® brand and ​its special philosophy! Whether you love fashion and eyewear in general, or are ​in the market for your next fashion eyewear. Or perhaps you ​love reading about small companies doing something different and finding their success ​​​by listening carefully? Or you're interested in finding Inner Peace and Balance in your life? ​Just continue reading

What? You don't get the link between all these different elements?

Don't worry, we warned you Beingbar® is different! ​

We will explain everything on this page...

​See If You Can Recognize ​Yoursel​f in One Of These ​Stories...

Are you someone who is always looking for the next best thing? Are you always chasing after the latest fashion and trend? Do you crave for the next thing at the exact moment when you get your hands on the previous 'best thing'? Are you in that sense difficult to satisfy? ​

​Do you often feel restless and looking to move on to the next. Does the thought about tomorrow always feel better than what is in your life Right Now?

Do you recognize this?

You are ​not alone.

Are you worried about the state of the world? You see all these images of plastic ​ridden landfills, ocean plastic clutter​ed beaches. ​Plastic waste suffocating different animals. You ​hear about micro plastics in our drinking water with unknown effect to our health. Perhaps you have children or would love to have children and you're worried about the world we will leave them. The problems seem too big to solve.

Do you recognize this feeling of helpnessness?

You are not alone.

​​​Are you ​sceptical about large corporations and brands that only seem to care about making profit? And the products they make are all the same factory ​made products. They're Cookie Cutter. The one identical to the other. It's hard to find any real passion in their products. 

Their 'Brand Messages' often are the same too: enforced lifestyle images that feel fake.

They're Just 'not you'.

You love to support smaller, more personal, companies, the underdogs that seem to answer the questions that Big Corporations can't. You are looking for something that is a bit different from everything else

And not just the product. Also everything AROUND the ​product. For you it's just as important that a brand makes you smile. Makes you happy. You crave for authenticity and creativity.

You​ are not alone in this. ​

Meet Beingbar®, ​They ​Work Hard To Do Everything Different!

​Beingbar® craft Sunglasses that are different. ​They use different materials. ​Their products are not made in huge factories, devoid of ​passion ​and craftsmanship. They're designed and hand made to make a difference.

For you. For The World. And for the environment.

Let us Explain the 3 Things That Are Different About Beingbar®

1) Different Designs

​Wouldn't it be great if fashion, and more specifically eyewear, would be different? Would make you stand out​ and look special?

Beingbar® has unique designs. ​They use Natural ​materials to enrich ​their products. Examples are Fast-growing Bamboo and Wood elements. These elements make the design look special and organic

​Many of the core ​models are what you expect, with most of the Usual Suspects in shapes and sizes.

But complemented with ​fresh vibrant colors and the iconic natural design elements, your Beingbar® really looks truly special. And makes you ​stand out. On the beach, at a party, and anywhere in between.

​Beingbar® products are hand crafted for you. Not mass produced in ​automated factories. They are crafted by real people with real passion, and it shows. Because they are hand ​made they can look slightly different from one another. 

​And because they are not mass produced, Quantities per model are relatively low, so you will not soon see anyone else with your Beingbar®. The downside of course is, that a model you really love, can sometimes be sold out fast.

​To top this all off, the Beingbar® products come standard with polarized lenses for most of their products. And almost all of their models have high quality elements, like Flexible Hinges (or 'Spring Hinges', as they are sometimes called), which ​increase the product life significantly. Many other brands charge you a premium for "upsell" ​features like this.


  1. ​Organic ​Inspired Design
  2. ​Natural Materials when​ever possible
  3. Hand Crafted With Passion
  4. High Quality Materials, like Flex Hinges*
  5. Polarized Lenses*
  6. ​Ultra Light and Comfortable Fit
  7. ​Low Quantities

(* most, but not all, of the models)

2) Conscious Material Choices

​Beingbar® products are not only designed to include natural materials because of looks. It is a conscious material choice. By using Fast-growing bamboo and wood, ​they limit the use of plastics in ​their products. As we know ​now, plastic is one of the biggest (and fastest growing) problems in our world today. Although Sunglasses are by no means 'single use', ​it always makes sense to limit the use of plastics and switch to more sustainable alternatives.

​The advantage of using materials like bamboo is that it's a sustainable material choice. Bamboo belongs to the family of Grass (really!) and some bamboo types can grow almost one meter(!) per day. 

And there are many other ​advantages of using ​materials like this: It is one of the ​reasons ​Beingbar® products have their ​distinct organic look. And the products are very light and comfortable because of it. Great for running and outdoor sports.

Products are shipped in a sustainable box that is Consciously Plastic Free certified. This means ​that the packaging is specifically designed to not contain plastic. This type of packaging is more expensive to produce and certify, but ​since you throw away the box anyway, there is no use in making it extra pretty, shiny or durable. Limiting useless waste. And what about the logistics you ask? Beingbar® only partner with selected logistic companies that have a proven track record when it comes to sustainability.

Besides this, Beingbar® donate $1 for every ​purchase to Consciously Plastic Free.org. This start up organization ​aims to incentivize the Retail and FMCG industry to move away from plastic in their production and packaging. To choose other, conscious material choices. They believe that "The Secret to ​Saving Our Planet lies in Conscious Production".


  1. Fast Growing Bamboo and Wood
  2. Limiting The Use Of Plastic
  3. Consciously Plastic Free packaging*
  4. Very Lightweight and comfortable Materials
  5. Great For Outdoor Activities
  6. ​Contributing through Donations​​

(* visit: https://www.ConsciouslyPlasticFree.org)

​3) ​​Enjoy This Very Moment

Always. Here. Now.®

The Hidden Message That ​Could Change Your Life!

​So, ​you want to know what exactly is the link with "Inner Peace and Balance" that ​we mentioned before?

Well, let ​us explain...

The founders of the Beingbar® brand ​at a certain moment ​in their lives realized the importance of "Living in the Present Moment" and what it can do ​for you. How it can significantly improve the quality of your life.

​Living in the Present Moment means to Focus on Now. Not always looking at "what's next" in your future and not dwelling on things that happened in the past. The principle teaches us to keep our attention in the present, where our life ​happens.

Many troubles and worries disappear with this mindset which leaves space for enjoying your life

A realization that can help you significantly!

"​That what is most important to enjoy your life, is to stay present. Keeping your attention in the present moment. Not Tomorrow, not Yesterday. But NOW​." Enjoy!

And what does this mean for you you ask?

Well, you might know the theory behind ​being present. And you might even practice it at certain moments, but the constant influx of things ​screaming for your attention can cause you to forget this ​time and time again. Before you know it your mind is distracted again and busy with The Next Thing or Moment.

The realization behind the Beingbar® brand can help you change this and significantly improve your life.

​The Secret "NOW" Reminder

This lead to the genious idea to add a secret message to their designs. In every frame, accessory, T-shirt in their ​collection, you'll find a hidden message to remind you to stay present​.

Always. Here. Now.®

​This special Beingbar® Reminder is there only if you are looking for it and not visible when you're wearing it. For people who don't have any affinity with present moment awareness it might as well not be there. But in today's day and age, we would argue that everyone can use a reminder like that! 

You know you can use it too, otherwise you would not be reading this!

The Choice of the Creative 'Free Thinkers'...

​Yes, it's true that the Beingbar® brand started off ​with a focus on Natural Design, Present Moment Awareness and Sustainability in Mind. But since the start there has been significant interest and attention from musicians, producers, aspiring artists and other truly creative thinkers.

Beingbar® promotes self expression and creativity and this resonates with many (aspiring) artists. The brand and what it stands for connect with the mindset of many creative people.

Chances are big that ​if you're reading this, you are a highly creative person

With Beingbar® they express being ​special, unique and to stand out. ​The Beingbar® brand has been sponsoring aspiring artists ever since. ​

Supporting the Beingbar® Brand

​The different artists that support the Beingbar® brand can be found on Beingbar's social media channels, like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest. Some examples are: Popstar Katrina "Kat" Stuart, Rap Artist YNG Mac Jay, Producer and Artist Chase Bell, Funk artist Steve Ray, Singer Elyse and multitalent and singer Katie Ferrara.​

​So, What Exactly Is In It For You? ​You'll LOVE This!

​​The Most important point you're probably looking for is "What's in it for Me?!". Besides all the information about the brand and all the benefits, you might want to know that we have something special for you!

​An offer that you'll not find anywhere else, not by looking for coupons online and not through the official Beingbar website.

We have an Exclusive Limited Time Offer, only available on this page​​! Leaving or refreshing this page might lead to losing this exclusive offer. And you won't find it back through searching on Google...

Here's What You Get In This Exclusive Deal:

  • ​Your Exclusive Beingbar® ​Sunglasses.
  • ​​A ​Beingbar® Stainless Steel Design bracelet.
  • ​A ​Beingbar® Bracelet Pouch.
  • ​​A Beingbar® protective eyewear pouch ​& cleaning cloth.
  • ​A ​Beingbar® user manual.
  • ​Consciously Plastic Free packaging with personalized message.

Here's the breakdown of the value of ​everything in this incredible bundle:

​Beingbar® Exclusive Sunglasses

​Beingbar® Wooden Collector's Box

​Beingbar® Stainless Steel​ Bracelet

​Beingbar® Pouch and Cleaning Cloth

​Personalized ​ Plastic Free Packaging

​Value up to:


Total Value:


Total Value:


Total Value:


Total Value:

​(not for sale)

​This bundle has a ​

Total Value of:


​​With shipping, upto $29


We offer this entire Beingbar® bundle to you today for:



(​SILVER Deal)

and SHIPPED To You 



Current ​Avg. Inventory Level


You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you ​are not happy with your Beingbar® you can send it back for a refund within ​a FULL MONTH! ​Please remember that Beingbar® is a company on a mission to contribute to improve your life and the world by promoting present moment awareness. That means can trust us!

"The Most Eye-Popping Conscious Eyewear Out There!

It's THAT Good!"

“​...The Brand Philosophy Seals the Deal For Me...”

“​I am fan of the Beingbar brand. You will get ​great quality products, with more features and with a design that looks unique. The brand philosophy seals the deal for me though."

​Danielle​ S.

“​I Really Love My Beingbar..."

“​I really ​love my Beingbar [shades]. After damaging my old sunglasses last Summer, I really needed a new pair. You see the same ​stuff everywhere and I was looking for something more unique. I love the fact that these are made with bamboo, from an environmental perspective. I also ​like the ​company. They seem to be on mission, spreading awareness of the importance of staying present and conscious. I can only support that."

​​Shanda S.

​Handcrafted with love & care and therefore 

Very ​Limited Quantities.

"Beingbar® shades are not mass produced, so available in limited quantities. 

Gone means Really Gone!

Current ​Avg. Inventory Level

Frequently Asked Questions:

​Does Beingbar® ship to my country?

​I would like to give ​Beingbar® a try. But what if they don't fit or don't like them?

​​​Warranty ​and Guarantee?

​Can I first look up more information about them?

​​Is Beingbar®​100% plastic-free?

​Wh​at big corporation is behind the Beingbar® ​brand?

Advantages vs Disadvantages:

To help you make your decision if Beingbar® is really for you, we have put together a list of Pros and Cons:

The Pros List

  • Very Light Weight Products. You barely feel them while you're wearing them.
  • Unique Organic Design, really stands out and "pop!".
  • Polarized Lenses: except for a few exceptions, all models have polarized lenses. Not as upsell, like most ​other brands.
  • Story/philosophy anyone can support 100%
  • Worldwide shipping
  • The products ship Plastic-free

The Cons List

  • Like most other sunglasses, the lenses can scratch from sand (while ​we wear them at the beach!).
  • Direct contact with certain types of sunblock can affect the lens coating (this ​was mentioned in the product description though).
  • The bamboo elements are thin, so you should not sit on them in the car! (doh!).

P.S.: ​

  • This promotion is valid for a limited time only. We cannot guarantee supply as quantities are low (hand made products!). If a product is just sold out at the moment of your purchase we'll ​contact you by email
  • ​This promotion is only available through this page. You will not find it anywhere else. 
  • Promotion is available as long as the page is LIVE (not cached)
  • The FREE Beingbar® Stainless Steel and Leather Beingbar® bracelet you will receive with your order is a random model in the size that is entered in the form where you left your ​information. Available while supplies last

​* Review points (Pros and Cons) taken from SELF HELP BAR™ on selfhelpbar.com. Link here

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